Holistic Wellness Coaching

Let’s uncover what is at the core of what is ailing you. Let’s look at all of the different aspects of your lifestyle that may be contributing. Bring in all diagnostic reports / lab work and let’s begin to create health.

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Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance blends holistic energetic life coaching with energy reading to help guide you on your journey. May include the use of oracle cards.     Schedule Appointment


Personal Life Coaching

When you engage Lecia as your personal coach, you will be giving yourself the gift of knowing yourself better, making strides towards your goals, and making invigorating life choices. Engaging a coach provides you the opportunity to explore your strengths and what holds you back from your best self and helps you identify and live out your authentic values and purpose. Making choices that serve your inner drive and values is healing and helps you experience the wholeness of your true you. Having a coach means having a journey-guide who asks the tough questions, believes in you, stimulates your creativity, and challenges you to be your best!

“Lecia has a gift. She has been instrumental in helping me to develop my life spiritually, physically, emotionally and professionally. Lecia has helped me: navigate a career change, build a business, develop my art, grow in a loving relationship with my wife, and nurture a relationship with God. Lecia’s gift lies in her ability to help those who seek it to find the answers that come from within.” – Coaching Client, Entrepreneur

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Lecia Grossman, PCC, HSDP
221 West Rhapsody, Ste 101,
San Antonio, TX 78216
(210) 446-9486

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