Acu-Sound Therapy (stay tuned for our next offering)

This session combines two powerful healing modalities, acupuncture and sound therapy, to bring you the ultimate healing experience.  You will receive an individualized acupuncture treatment while resting in a comfy recliner chair as the crystal singing bowls’ sounds fill the room.  The vibrational frequencies travel through the acufibers into the body, enhancing their action.  Kimberly skillfully takes the group on a journey out and then slowly returns everyone back to their grounded whole state.

Acupuncture and Sound Therapy have been shown to help with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. From depression, anxiety, PTSD, pain, fatigue, migraines, digestive issues, dis-ease, mental clarity, allergies, improved immune function, reducing addictive cravings and more. Cost: $40

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African Dance Class (February 29, March 21 4-5:30pm)

Robin Getter will teach and lead this African dance class.  It will be gentle yet powerful, grounding and expansive.  Give it try.  Accompanied by 3 live drummers.  $15 per class Schedule Appointment


Coming of Age for Girls Age 9-12 (stay tuned for our next offering)

An integrative discussion about girls’ bodies and how to care for them, menstruation, sex and boundaries. Taught by Nurse-midwife, Rachel Olsson and Erica Hernandez, DC.  This is peer group style and no parents will be allowed. Schedule Appointment  

Movement Wellness for Women (Sunday, March 1st, 3 – 4:15pm)

Movement Wellness is a dance class for the body and soul and is available to movers of all levels and abilities.  Each class will begin with a guided warm up and meditation on the floor followed by gentle movement that will work its way up to standing.  This supple movement class will encourage inward connection to the body and mind and outward expression though movement and dance for a full body and soul experience.   Schedule Appointment    

Prenatal Yoga 4-Week Series (Tuesdays in March 10:00am-11:15am)

Join midwife and certified prenatal yoga instructor, Rachel Cornett-Olsson for yoga, birth prep and community building. Bring your questions, aches and pains! We will take care of the rest.Schedule Appointment



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