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Acupuncture is an ancient medicine, thousands of years old, that uses hair-thin acufibers placed strategically at points along pathways of energy.  When the energy in these channels becomes blocked various physical and emotional issues can ensue.  The acupuncture works to open up these pathways of communication throughout the body almost effortlessly.


Community Acupuncture:

Community Acupuncture provides affordable individualized treatments in a relaxed group setting.  Our community healing room has 8 comfy recliner chairs. Patients give their acupuncturist a brief explanation of their current health and any issues they might be having, then receive an individualized acupuncture treatment. This lasts about an hour. People love the feel of the community clinic.  It is very peaceful.  Some report feeling as if there is a group healing that happens, that you can feel the energy. After your treatment you acupuncturist may make some simple suggestions regarding lifestyle, diet or perhaps recommend an herbal remedy. For an additional $5 cupping may be added to the community treatments.

Private Acupuncture:

We also provide private acupuncture treatments. These sessions occur in a private room on a massage table. They are often accompanied by other helpful techniques such as acupressure, moxabustion, cupping and Gua Sha.. Each acupuncture practitioner at Nourish brings her own special gifts and techniques to her patients. She may also suggest a lifestyle enhancement or an herbal remedy that can help to further your treatment goals.


Reset your body to the zero state and activate your body’s higher intelligence to heal itself. Craniosacral therapy not only helps with the skeletal structures but greatly improves the movement of fluids around the spine and brain and the entire body.  Maeve intuitively uses a unique combination of modalities with her patients.  This combination of vibrational medicine, massage therapy, Omega energy work, and Craniosacral techniques activates a deeper and more long lasting relief from symptoms of trauma, physical injury, disease, stress, or just daily life. This session is catered to each persons individual needs and becomes a very unique experience for everyone. Remember and embrace a more balanced, healthy, and happy you!


Cupping has been used for thousands of years by different cultures all over our world.  It uses the action of suction to help increase circulation in a specific area.  It can help release stuck connective tissue or “break state” of a muscle that is overly tense.

Energy/Sound Healing

New clients will receive a 15 minute consultation and energy reading. Each session is around 60 minutes and includes sound healing with chakra aligned 432hz healing crystal singing bowls, Biofield tuning with chakra aligned tuning forks, reiki as well as sound scapes from various sound healing instruments to create the ultimate relaxing and healing experience.

Ion Foot Baths

A relaxing way to encourage detoxification of the liver, kidneys and intestines. Soak your feet in salt water that mimics the ocean while electrical impulses safely make their way through. It’s genius. Most people feel very relaxed during and afterwards.

Womb Massage / Myofascial Release

Rachel: Using Reiki and myofascial release techniques along with knowledge of the chakras and female anatomy, Rachel helps create balance in the nervous system and female reproductive system. Clothes stay on unless internal pelvic floor work is specifically requested. Schedule Appointment

Women’s Wellness and Gynecology/ Functional Medicine

Today midwives are not just birth guardians, but safe-keepers of our health and life journey.  Rachel, a nurse-practitioner and Certified Nurse-Midwife, honors the unique needs and constitution of the individual.  She uses Functional Medicine to provide a whole body approach to western medicine that focuses on optimal functioning of the body.  Here at NOURISH we view the human body as an intricate and inter-connected organism, instead of a list of organs that do not relate to each other.  Functional medicine aims to achieve vibrant well-being, not just put out fires.  Whether you are going through menopause or just hitting puberty, a holistic well woman exam is right for you.  Here you can receive specialized pelvic exams with assessment of pelvic tone, pap smears, microscopic exams, as well as basic and comprehensive functional medicine testing like stool testing, nutrient testing, and mold testing.   Schedule Appointment


Yoni Steams

Vaginal steaming is an age-old natural remedy said to cleanse the vagina and womb, regulate menstruation and ease period cramps and bloating. It can assist with stress, mood, hemorrhoids, chronic infections, infertility, headaches, digestive issues and generalized pain. In a Yoni Steam session herbs will be steeped in hot water and placed under a stool where the receiver sits: allowing the steam to reach the vulva. Most women come away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated immediately, and surprised by the benefits that come later.

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