For as long as humans have lived on this planet they have gathered plants to help with nourishment, healing and ceremony. Here at NOURISH we honor this age old tradition through various means.

Chinese Herbal formulas

Chinese herbal formulas are compilations of herbs that are carefully put together to help balance out various conditions. Your acupuncturist will take an in depth look at your overall condition and may use an herbal formula to treat an acute issue such as a cough or allergies or choose a formula that will be taken for a longer period of time that will help to balance out your constitution and thus help to prevent future ailments. These formulas are safe and effective and don’t have the negative long term effect on the liver and kidneys that many Western medications can have.  Ask your acupuncturist for more information


Vitadrip IV Therapy / B12 Injections

VitaDrip IV Therapy and B12 injections are an effective way to deliver nutrients and vitamins to the body without having to rely on the digestive system. Many people’s digestive systems no longer have what it takes to extract the nutrients effectively from their food.  This method brings the nutrients right into your system.  Many people report feeling the effects almost immediately and some over a couple of days.  VitaDrip IV Therapy can improve the function of a wide variety of organ systems.  Some of the drips we offer are specific for boosting the immunity, enhancing energy, burning fat, antioxidant, hangover-helper, joint relief, healthy skin, increased libido, allergies and cholesterol. And B12 deficiency is common and can negatively effect the brain, nerves, mood and more.  A B12 injection is a helpful option that gives your body what it needs quickly and effectively.

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Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are sometimes the best choice for helping to improve your health. From Omega 3 oils, digestive enzymes and mineral supplements to glandular formulas to support your hormonal axis, your practitioner will choose the perfect combination to help you feel better.  Sometimes supplementing your nutrition with one missing link can make all of the difference.  Ask your practitioner for assistance.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is an intelligent way to take care of your body and prevent chronic disease.  Your practitioner will use your Western diagnostic lab work as well listen to your health history to make an assessment of your organ and glandular systems, then prescribe a combination of lifestyle recommendations, herbs and nutritional supplements to help bring your system back into balance.  She will then recheck your labs and symptoms to evaluate your progress back to health.

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